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August 10, 2012

Caribbean Olympic Champions Past & Present

Our Olympic journey on Sandals Lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the Caribbean Olympic champions and participants of today.

For the past few months, Sandals Lifestyle took you on a journey to discover the medalists of days past who are from the islands with our riveting feature, Caribbean Olympic Champions, Past & Present. People from all over the world have been competing for the coveted gold medal, and skilled contenders who were born and raised in the Caribbean are among the best of the best. With the exception of Turks & Caicos, there are Olympic representatives from every island where there is a Sandals Resort or Beaches Resort.

This year, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell were favored to win in the Athletics category from the start. But newcomer Yohan Blake is the Athletics category’s rising star. The island leads the Caribbean pack in regards to number of participants—50 participants qualified to go for the gold in the categories of athletics, swimming, equestrian and taekwondo.

The Bahamas’ twenty-six participants are competing in athletics and swimming. Comprised of a group of talented individuals, one stand out contender is Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie, Olympic Gold medalist and one of the original Golden Girls of the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games.

At the 1996 Olympic Games, Michelle Baptiste became the first female Olympian from St. Lucia. A total of six participants vied for medals that year. This year, four contenders competing in athletics, sailing and swimming, represent Saint Lucia.

Antigua and Barbuda were first represented at the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games by a 10-man team in athletics and cycling, and have been present at every Summer Games since 1984, competing in everything from athletics, boxing, canoeing and cycling, to swimming and sailing. There are four Antiguans participating in the Olympic Games this year in athletics and swimming.

Jamaica 2012 Accomplishments

What better way to ring in 50 years of independence than by earning the title of ‘most medals won for any Caribbean island’ at this year’s 2012 Olympic Games? Jamaica’s dream team is still raking in the bronze, silver and gold in the Athletics category:

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce: GOLD MEDALIST in the Women’s 100m and SILVER MEDALIST in Women’s 200m.

Usain Bolt: GOLD MEDALIST in the Men’s 100m; GOLD MEDALIST in the Men’s 200m.

Yohan Blake: SILVER MEDALIST in the Men’s 100m; SILVER MEDALIST in the Men’s 200m.

Veronica Campbell-Brown: BRONZE MEDALIST in the Women’s 100m.

Warren Weir: BRONZE MEDALIST in the Men’s 200m.

Hansle Parchment: BRONZE MEDALIST in the Men’s 110m Hurdles.

With all of the excitement surrounding the 2012 Olympic Games as well as Jamaica’s past and present Olympic achievements, Sandals Resorts International was sure to get in on all the fun. This year, in honor of the Caribbean’s best sportspeople, Sandals Resorts set up an Olympic Village featuring life size cut-outs of revered athletes, ‘stadium’ food delights, event broadcasts on mega screens, international flag displays, games and other activities.

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