Breathe in the Scents of Love

Red Lane® Spa’s newest massage is helping to make the Luxury Included® experience that much more romantic!


Top 3 Red Lane® Spa Treats For Spring

This Spring, revitalize your skin with relaxing treats at Red Lane Spa. Plus, for a limited time, get an extra special treat: up to a $175 Spa Credit!


Saving the Environment One Carve at a Time

Read the story behind the wood carvings of artisan Nick Johnson available at Beaches Negril.


Power of the Coconut

Feeling a little tired? Drink some coconut water to get the electrolytes your body needs. Are you hot after an energizing workout? Take a few sips of coconut water to naturally replenish your body’s fluids.

Signature Spa Collection Activity Ideas

Find out what creative workouts are best for your particular personality—courtesy of the Signature Spa Collection experts. Read More


Herbal Medicines of the Caribbean

Cerasee vs. Guines Hen Weed. Find out more about these two Caribbean herbs that are said to help ease the affects of Diabetes.

Exciting News!

Getting your hands on your favorite island scents and invigorating spa products has never been easier since the launch of this Caribbean spa's online store!

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